Lake Elsinore Studio
Original paintings, Charcoal and Graphite renderings from Robert and Teresa Lang

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Very impressive.
Carol Hamisfar & Allen Nielsen - 13 Apr 2013
Hi! Nice website. love looking at all the stuff, especially the pic of my mom and dad and the pics of your place. Would love to be able to come see it in person some day. Dad says hi :)
Chris Kelley - 15 Mar 2010
my grandma and grandpa are very talented and i love them dearly ! i know all of you wish you were related,but im lucky becasue we are,! haha i love you grandma and grandpa
Lexi lang ! (: - 11 Jun 2009
You two, the art and the web-site(easy to navigate) are amazimg. A great example of what life and retirement is all about. Capturing the dreams! And just think, I knew you before you were famous.
Kitty Krisik - 17 Mar 2009
Your work is outstanding. Mike and Xandra gave us the picture of our Cimarron Rocky Mountain High (Rocky) for Christmas. First my son took an outstanding picture and you captured him just perfectly along with the background of our house. Amadeus and Mozart are great too!
Craig and Patricia Wagner - 25 Dec 2008
We have had several pieces completed by Rob & Tere. The work is outstanding,taking the time with attention to detail is simply amazing. In addtion the customer service & delivering a finished product on time is a hard find these days.
Michael & Xandra Wagner - 9 Dec 2008
We appreciate your outstanding art work. You have great talent for capturing the likeness of our daughter Mia. We are so proud and happy for how it turned out. Please accept our compliments and best wishes for your happiness and success. Good luck on your next project.
Matt & Alisha Franco - 3 Dec 2008
i love your work grandma and grandpa. i love you so much. i hope you have much more work. and i cant wait to see the stage coach painting!!!!! i love you.
alexis lang-rob lang and tere lang's 13 year old granddaughter - 28 Nov 2008
WILLIE - 2 Sep 2007
Soo thats what you two have been doin!Looks truly rewarding.Outstanding website!
Bill Holton - 27 Aug 2007
Looks like you both are enjoying life and your art work is great!! Nice website, I will enjoy checking it out to see what you add. Like Adam said, keep filling up that Gallery!
Sheri Ray - 16 Aug 2007
Great artwork! And nice web-site. I am not sure about the picture on the home page - it looks like the two subjects need to have a brush paint update!!!!
Doug Lang - 14 Aug 2007
Wow! I see you've both been busy painting. Good luck on your new venture. I can't wait to say, I knew Tere and Rob when they first started. Look out world here comes two great artist.
John Bowling - 13 Aug 2007
Impressive website. Outstanding artwork. One for the favorites file.
Al Boze - 10 Aug 2007
This looks great! And by your email it seems easy to use. Now get started and fill the gallery up with lots of art!!!! (cause you know it's just that simple, right?)
Adam C. Rivera - 10 Aug 2007
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