Lake Elsinore Studio
Original paintings, Charcoal and Graphite renderings from Robert and Teresa Lang


(posted on 3 Aug 2009)

Cuervo Dairy Wagon  -  by Tere Lang

While on a recent trip to Dallas Texas to pick up my daughter and grandson, I stopped once again at the small quaint ghost town of Cuervo, New Mexico. Cuervo is the sight and inspiration for Tere's award winning drawing "Cuervo Dairy Wagon". My intention was to check on the old building in Tere's drawing to see if it still stood. Thankfully, it is still there almost exactly as we last saw it more than 5 years ago. More importantly, I was fortunate enough to meet two of only a handful of folks who still call Cuervo home. Walter, who goes by "Porky" and Carolyn have a cozy little spread right in the middle of this interesting little ghost town. It turns out that Carolyn is an accomplished artist who sells her creations in the galleries of Santa Fe. She and her husband were hospitable and kind enough to let me into her studio and reluctantly posed for a couple of photos. In addition to bringing my daughter Amy and my grandson Mason back to California, meeting Porky and Carolyn was one of the highlights of my trip.